What would winter be without a little comfort food, and chicken soup is the ultimate liquid HUG (am I right?!). This is especially so when you’ve come down with some sort of lurgy and the only thing you have the energy to do, is to feel sorry for yourself. Pop a pot of this chicken soup on the stove and I guarantee it will have you feeling better in a jiffy. Aside from investing in some good quality chicken, this dish is cheap as chips, and it’s easy to whip up a big batch in advance. In fact, using a... [ READ MORE ]

This post marks the very first in a new monthly ‘Sage and Seasonal’ column on the TAS blog. We’ve joined forces with uber talented green thumb and all-round vegetable enthusiast, Natasha Grogan from The Sage Garden, to bring you a monthly feature on a particular fruit or vegetable that happens to be in season. Natasha will be giving us some tips on how you can grow it (irrespective of your gardening prowess- or if you’re like me, definite lack of!) and I will be cooking up something tasty with it, because fruits and vegies ain’t got to be boring. It’s... [ READ MORE ]