Fig and Hazelnut Bircher Muesli
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12 10 2015

I’m quite partial to a hearty bowl of steaming, thick porridge for breakfast, but sometimes this warm bowl of comfort just doesn’t cut it.

For example, during those times when the 15-20 mins required at the stovetop to delicately stir those precious rolled or steel cut oats to creamy perfection, is just too much of a commitment, or on those summer days (or let’s be honest during this current random hot October weather we have been experiencing in Melbourne!) when the weather forecast predicts that you very well might get a hot flush from downing porridge for breakfast.


bircher muesli


Can you tell I’m already hating this heat? It turns me into a hormonal, fluid retaining crazy person. Anyone else? No…


…well thank goodness Bircher Muesli is here to rescue me – also known as ‘overnight oats’, which appears to be the more Instagram-able phrase of late. Is there really any difference? Meh. Who cares? I’m hungry.


bircher muesli bowls


So essentially brunch-menu-fancy ‘Bircher’ is just soaked muesli (hate to break it to you!) but it is damn tasty and SO simple to make if you have a little foresight (and remember to make it before you leap into bed). Don’t make me count the times I’ve forgotten to prep it (too excited for sleep!), only to wake up in an angry rage the next morning…when I remember.


Urghh first world breakfast woes… a word to the wise, set your night-time reminders people to avoid such horror!


If you do actually remember to make it (#winning), however, you will be delighted come breakfast time…because there’s something about soaking a fruit and nut muesli mix in milk/yoghurt that makes it SO much more tasty! And textural…it’s all about the texture for me.


bircher muesli


I prefer to soak my muesli in a mix of milk/yoghurt rather than the somewhat traditional apple juice, as it yields a deliciously thick and creamy texture; and instead seek sweetness from dried and/or fresh fruits (you could also add extra maple syrup or honey if desired).


Another plus with Bircher Muesli (geez am I talking it up enough?!) is that it is also extremely versatile. This recipe may be for Fig and Hazelnut Bircher, but you can essentially use any combination of nuts, seeds and fresh or dried fruit with your oat base.


Yep, it’s a make your own adventure kind of recipe. We love that! It’s also highly portable…just chuck it in a jar (are jars still cool?!) and enjoy, hopefully somewhat mindfully, at work, uni, in the car or on the train. Note: if consuming in public you are likely to cop menacing eyes of breakfast envy from those near – to which you can blissfully ignore!


So what are your thoughts on this tasty little breakfast option? Are you a Bircher lover or loather? What flavour combinations have you tried?


bircher muesli



Fig and Hazelnut Bircher Muesli

Serves 2-3


1 cup of rolled oats

200 ml of milk (of your choice)

2 tbs plain or Greek yoghurt

1-2 dried figs, diced

¼ cup of hazelnuts, chopped

¼ cup of coconut flakes

Fresh figs (for topping)





In a medium bowl, mix together the oats, coconut, dried figs and hazelnuts.

Add the milk and yoghurt and mix again to combine.

Cover bowl with cling wrap or plate and leave to soak in refrigerator overnight.

In the morning, plate up into bowls and top with fresh figs (or any other seasonal fruits) and extra nuts and/or yoghurt if desired.





If you like life a little sweeter you may want to add 1-2 tsp of maple syrup or honey to the mix (before soaking), or alternatively drizzle over the finished dish.

I like my bircher muesli super thick, but if you’re prefer it a little runnier, simply add extra milk before leaving to soak.



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