Welcome to ‘The Sunday Stories’
20 10 2019


So folks, I’ve finally got my writing act together and want to introduce a new little baby to you: The Sunday Stories.

A (hopefully) weekly post discussing all things mental health, careers, financial stuff, dating/relationships…mixed in with some book chat/recommendations, the very occasional pop culture/reality update (if by chance I get cool enough?!) and perhaps even some health chat (if it feels pressing – as this dietitian is a little sick of talking about health/nutrition in her spare time).

The aim is for ‘The Sunday Stories’ to be a conversation starter, rather than just me ranting about things (though that may happen on occasion if I get excited!); with some intervention from experts/those who ‘seem’ to be doing it better?! A forum for openly talking about the many things that keep us up at night, the things that hum away quietly in the backs of our minds, until said anxieties/insecurities decide to rear their ugly head.


Why ‘The Sunday Stories’…

Well, I don’t know about you but as a single mid-late twenty something (living abroad)…Sundays tend to the day we seem to realise…

– How single we are?

– How much we might actually hate/despise/not love our jobs?

-How lonely we actually feel?

-How much we are not earning/saving/investing?

Pretty much…

…How behind we are on all the (token) #lifemilestones

(With the exception of the Sundays of course when we are travelling and #livingourbestlife OR deeply hungover, that’s just YOLO mentality getting us through, and that’s a-okay with me).

…all WHILST the rest of the population get stuck into family based activities in their cosy houses etc (okay, I’m **heavily** generalising but you get the point).

And after having these kinds of conversations with many people 1:1 lately, I’ve realised to heck with the cone of silence, the stiff upper lip…let’s actually be okay with talking about these things. Being vulnerable and not being okay with not knowing exactly who we are/where we are going? Stumbling together through the mess that can be your mid 20’s-30’s…and hopefully garnering some wisdom from those who seem to know/do better?

Though firstly, and in relation, to the final point listed above re:life milestones, shall we just stop basing our successes now (in 2019) on the metrics of generations past?

Please, and thank you.

Okay, I’ll leave it there for now.

Until next week.

PS. Whilst this appears to be starting as a written blog series, I am uber keen to take these conversations off the page? This very well might evolve into book/chat club (for London peeps), a podcast (if I find a rad host?), a series of in person talks OR perhaps who knows…a book (I joke!).

Welcoming any and all ideas and if you have a topic/dilemma you want me to explore. Hola!




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