Maple Pecan Granola
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02 07 2015

So let’s talk granola for a second. I feel like there are generally two extremes when it comes to granola…it’s either so healthy it resembles bird seed and tastes like powdered cupboard, with no noticeable clusters in sight…OR…it is dripping with oil and so sickly sweet that you could be mistaken for thinking you’ve just sprinkled a double choc chip biscuit on your yoghurt.


This granola, I feel, sits pretty in the middle of said granola spectrum. Just enough sweetness from the maple syrup and cranberries, and super crisp and crunchy (no greasy residue). It also has major ‘CLUSTER-FACTOR’. Yes, my friends, my kind of granola must have significantly sized clusters, because granola sans cluster is well…muesli (*sigh*), but never fear this recipe delivers the goods!


maple granola


Now, I can’t take full credit for the genius behind this ‘cluster-full’ recipe, I have adapted Deb Perelman’s granola recipe from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. She is one clever lady.





Although, I feel it is my duty to warn you, that although this is a very wholesome, healthy granola…it does remain A-D-D-I-C-T-I-V-E! If you’re convincing yourself, ‘I’ll only just taste a little bit…’ well good luck. Maybe bake it before you go to bed and swiftly brush your teeth…with the soothing knowledge that sleep is indeed a time machine to breakfast. I don’t think that would full my stomach (I have serious granola self control problems) but it may work for you!





Now get to it…life’s too short for crap granola (and spending your life savings on buying it!)

Oh and I’d love to hear about your favourite granola recipes? How do you like to eat this delicious breakfast staple?




Maple Pecan Granola

Makes around 6-7 cups.


3 cups of rolled oats

1 cup of shredded or flaked coconut

1 cup of pecans, roughly chopped

2 medium-large eggs, separated

½ cup maple syrup

2 tbs olive oil

1 cup of whole dried cranberries (or preferred dried fruit)

½ tsp course salt

1 tbs ground cinnamon




Preheat oven to 150 C.

Line an oven tray with baking paper.

In a large bowl mix together dry ingredients (oats, coconut, pecans, salt, cinnamon)

Separate egg yolks from whites. Put aside the yolks and whisk the whites until frothy.

Add the maple syrup and olive oil to the dry ingredients and mix to combine, ensuring granola mix is thoroughly coated.

Finally, add the egg whites and mix thoroughly to evenly distribute (the egg white is the most important element for ‘cluster creation’ as it acts like a glue and binds the dry ingredients together when baked).

Bake in the oven for 50-60 mins. At the half-way point, carefully flip granola over in (large) sections to avoid breaking up all the clusters.

When the granola appears golden, remove from the oven and allow to cool completely on tray (it will harden and become crispy as it cools).


Once cool, break up into clusters of desired size and toss through dried fruit.

Stores well in an airtight container for around 2-3 weeks (if it lasts that long! Read: SUPER ADDICTIVE!)




Pecans can be substituted with any nut that you have on hand (or a mixture) and maple syrup can be replaced with liquid sweetener of choice, if desired.


Recipe adapted Deb Perelman’s granola recipe from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.



    1. Camilla Post author

      Haha yes!!! The secret ingredient! I made a batch today and the clusters are MASSIVE, just how I like it! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Let me know how you go. If you post a pic don’t forget to tag me. I should warn you it’s also ridiculously addictive!


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